Friday, 4 April 2014

What is life? A mysterious, frightening journey where one goes through just to realise at the end of a few years it's all over. Everyday we face death, not know what will happen the next second and its a frightening experience. Living up to our God's expectations under his mercy not knowing who's innocent life he will take away next.. its all too frightening. People say "life is like a roller coaster,  it has its ups and downs" but they don't realise what it all boils down to, a cruel ending for each and every one of us. Sure one day life is exciting but it does not last forever, we should make the moat of what we can, while we can. Although we die in the endIit's a journey many will not forget. Everyday there are people dying and babies being born, but it won't last foreve. Judgement day is on the horizon and people take it for granted, believing that when they die God cannot touch them, but when they realise that God has the power to do that, it will be too late. Just think about how you treat life, as it is more then just a joke, all your choices you make, God is aware of them.


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